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Hibernate Object Conversations

Session methods to use for object conversations
Save() A new instance being attached to the session. An insert will be scheduled.
Update() Call Update to make a transient object persistent again. It will force a SQL update on the transient object. This is because Hibernate does not know whether the object is dirty or not and to be safe by default schedules an update. This method will throw an exception, if the entity is already registered with the session. - NonUniqueObjectException is thrown.

A Generic class – And why is it confusing

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Generics came into java from Java 5 and has changed the way we use Collections. You now find people using and building generic classes more and more. For those who don’t know what generics is, please read the below link:
My gripe with generics is not with generics itself, but the convention of using placeholders as single letters like this: